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Putting aside the aforementioned Ayurveda remedies we are a major part of, other products that we wholeheartedly put forward include traditional spices found on our island that enrich the quality of your very own home made cooking to a level of extreme satisfaction, chutney & sauces to add yet more flavor into the meals we

About us

Food & Herbal Products Exporters Sri Lanka

Rajarata Foods is the leading food & Ayurvedic herbal exporters in Sri Lanka. As a Food and ayurveda herbal exporters, We offer an unmatched personal service and unique local knowledge to our clients. Our traders are dedicated to specific markets, having built strong direct relationships with refineries, growers and exporters in the Sri Lanka, Europe, Middle East and with importers in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We have unbeatable market for Our foods & herbal products in all around the world, not only in Sri Lanka.

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Our Products

As per the current productions, our products can be categorized into several types


Dried String Hoppers

Only use premium quality Sri Lankan red and white rice flour. No Added preservatives, flavors & colors.



Use highest quality spices. Free from contaminants. No added additives.


Curry Powder Verities

No added preservatives, flavors & colors. Unmatched taste. Free from sand base iron and contaminants.


Dehydrated Products

Preserved natural color and taste with no artificial preservatives, flavors & colors.


Ready to Eat Products

Moisture degradation and hygiene preserve traditional taste with high quality raw materials and methods.


Dried Fish Varieties

High quality dried fish with improved hygiene.


All ingredients are natural. No added preservatives, flavors & colors.


Brine Products

Fresh selected edible parts only. No added preservatives, flavors & colors.


Cinnamon Quills & Powder

Fresh Cinnamon balk dried in the factory. Completely free from sulfur dioxide treatment.