Our brands

Our customers mean the world to us. We’ve committed our entire lives towards creating and providing high quality ayurvedic products, unforgettable delicious food products and creating a brand aura that inspires quality in its surroundings. We have strived to uphold the Sri-Lankan name and to make this nation proud!

We would just like to take a moment out and thank you for all your support along the way! Our achievements would not have been possible if not for amazing individuals like you! You’ve helped thousands of people establish their livelihoods through purchasing our products and we thank you for each and every one of them. 

Ceylon Biscuits Limited

Canned Jack mackerel is very convenient to use.It is rich in protein,Omega 3, Calcium & Minerals.Most Economical andadds goodness to all kinds of preparation while giving natural taste


Zesta is from the No. 1 branded tea company in Sri Lanka - Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd. Our teas are of the highest quality bringing you the finest Ceylon tea.


Renuka agri food

Renuka Holdings PLC is responsible for the strategic direction of the group and where appropriate has entered into strategic alliances with global partners that will add value to its long term interests.


dcsl arack

DCSL Arrack is also well balanced with spirits that range from sherry and vermouth to rum, brandy and tequila. The arrack draws out and enhances even the subtlest of flavours, such as that of green tea or Calvados.