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About us

The Pride of Sri Lanka

Rajarata Foods is a brand with a long history of cultural heritage. We are the leading exporter of Food and Ayurvedic products in Sri Lanka. With our years of experience in this industry, we offer products of the best quality. The rich heritage of our brand speaks for itself, having exported our products all over the world over the years, we have been fortunate enough to connect with numerous growers, refineries and exporters, all across Europe and the Middle East. Our importers are present in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Our food and herbal products are unmatched all across the world and we are very well renowned for our excellent quality. With our unparalleled dedication towards delivering unwavering quality, we ensure nothing but the very best for our valued customers!.

Why Choose Us

Eport Foods & Ayurvedic Items

Wide Range of Products

Premium Quality

Unmatched Taste

Common Uniquness

  • Everything in Pro...
  • Placerat duis
  • Molestie nunc non

Advantage in Market Place

  • Everything in Pro...
  • Placerat duis
  • Molestie nunc non

Research & Development

  • Developed & applied food preservation methods with water activity controlled and food born habits with hygiene.
  • Improved & use nitrogen flush system for selected products for preservation.
  • Developed and implemented sand base iron removal method from powder forms using modern technology.
  • Developed & implemented cinnamon drying techniques with modern technology.
  • Product improved and introduced without food additives.
  • New product development.

Our Products

Putting aside the aforementioned Ayurveda remedies we are a major part of, other products that we wholeheartedly put forward include traditional spices found on our island

You will vainly look for fruit on it in autumn.

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Curry Powder Verities

No added preservatives, flavors & colors. Unmatched taste. Free from sand base iron and contaminants.

Ready to Eat Products

Moisture degradation and hygiene preserve traditional taste with high quality raw materials and methods. No added preservatives, flavors & colors. Frying oil use only one time it is nominated as mandatory requirement.

Dehydrated Products

Preserved natural color and taste with no artificial preservatives, flavors & colors.

Dried Fish Varieties

High quality dried fish with improved hygiene.

Cinnamon Quills & Powder

Fresh Cinnamon balk dried in the factory. Completely free from sulfur dioxide treatment. Free from sand base iron.